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ACTIVE is a three year integrated project funded by the European Commission.

ACTIVE Top.css[edit]

ACTIVE aims to increase the productivity of knowledge workers in a pro-active, contextualised, yet easy and unobtrusive way. The aim is to convert tacit and unshared knowledge – the "hidden intelligence" of enterprises – into transferable, interoperable and actionable knowledge to support seamless collaboration and to enable problem solving. A key aspect will be the support for informal procedural knowledge - the informal collaboration and problem-solving tasks that drive much knowledge work in the enterprise.

ACTIVE will integrate into highly innovative application systems, concepts, methods and tools from the fields of:

  • Social Software and Web 2.0
  • Semantic Technologies
  • Context Mining, Context Modelling, and Context Sensitive Task Management
  • Knowledge Process Mining, Knowledge Process Modelling and Pro-Active Knowledge Process Support


  • British Telecommunications plc (Project Coordinator), UK
  • AIFB at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
  • Intelligent Software Components S.A - ISOCO, Spain
  • Jozef Stefan Institute - JSI, Slovenia
  • STI Innsbruck, Innsbruck University - UIBK, Austria
  • Accenture Technology Labs, France
  • Cadence Design Systems, UK/Germany
  • Eurescom, Germany
  • Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung - FIR, Germany
  • Hermes Softlab, Slovenia
  • Kea-pro, Switzerland
  • European Microsoft Innovation Center - EMIC, Germany


Tools developed within ACTIVE[edit]