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Hi authors, this is the list of accepted papers. If you find the time, please add authors and institutions to the wiki pages. Look at the first entry to figure out how. Consider providing a link to your PDF :-)

All papers[edit]

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Papers and Authors[edit]

  1. Semantic wiki extensions for visualising and inferring protocol dependency (Author Juhani Eronen, Juha Röning, First page 1, Last page 15)
  2. Learning with Semantic Wikis (Author Sebastian Schaffert, Diana Bischof, Tobias Bürger, Andreas Gruber, Wolf Hilzensauer, Sandra Schaffert, First page 109, Last page 123)
  3. Harvesting Wiki Consensus - Using Wikipedia Entries as Ontology Elements (Author Martin Hepp, Daniel Bachlechner, Katharina Siorpaes, First page 124, Last page 138)
  4. From Wikipedia to Semantic Relationships: a Semi-automated Annotation Approach (Author Maria Ruiz-Casado, Enrique Alfonseca, Pablo Castells, First page 139, Last page 152)
  5. Extracting Semantic Relationships between Wikipedia Categories (Author Sergey Chernov, Tereza Iofciu, Wolfgang Nejdl, Xuan Zhou, First page 153, Last page 163)
  6. Reusing Ontological Background Knowledge in Semantic Wikis (Author Denny Vrandecic, Markus Krötzsch, First page 16, Last page 30)
  7. Wiki and Semant.css: Panacea, Contradiction in Terms, Pressure for Innovation? (Author Jean Rohmer, First page 164, Last page 172)
  8. A Wiki as an Extensible RDF Presentation Engine (Author Axel Rauschmayer, Walter Christian Kammergruber, First page 173, Last page 187)
  9. A Semantic Wiki for Mathematical Knowledge Management (Author Christoph Lange, Michael Kohlhase, First page 188, Last page 201)
  10. Towards a Semantic Wiki-Based Japanese Biodictionary (Author Hendry Muljadi, Hideaki Takeda, Shoko Kawamoto, Satoshi Kobayashi, Asao Fujiyama, First page 202, Last page 206)
  11. Ylvi - Multimedia-izing the Semantic Wiki (Author Niko Popitsch, Bernhard Schandl, Arash Amiri, Stefan Leitich, Wolfgang Jochum, First page 207, Last page 211)
  12. Automatic Deployment of Semantic Wikis: a Prototype (Author Angelo Di Iorio, Marco Fabbri, Valentina Presutti, Fabio Vitali, First page 212, Last page 221)
  13. Bringing the “Wiki-Way” to the Semantic Web with Rhizome (Author Adam Souzis, First page 222, Last page 229)
  14. Towards a Wiki Interchange Format (WIF) (Author Max Völkel, Eyal Oren, First page 230, Last page 244)
  15. A Collaborative Programming Environment for Web Interoperability (Author Adam Cheyer, Joshua Levy, First page 245, Last page 259)
  16. Kaukolu: Hub of the Semantic Corporate Intranet (Author Malte Kiesel, First page 31, Last page 42)
  17. Annotation, Representation, and Navigation in SemperWiki (Author EyalOren, First page 58, Last page 73)
  18. SweetWiki : Semantic WEb Enabled Technologies in Wiki (Author Michel Buffa, Gael Crova, Fabien Gandon, Claire Lecompte, Jeremy Passeron, First page 74, Last page 88)
  19. IMapping Wikis - a visual interface to structured information (Author Heiko Haller, First page 89, Last page 96)
  20. The ABCDE Format for Semantic Conference Proceedings (Author Anita de Waard, Gerard Tel, First page 97, Last page 108)

Presentation modes[edit]

  • Full presentation has 25 minutes talk (absolute limit) and 5 minutes discussion.
  • Demos will be presented at a demo session on the workshop.
  • Lightning panels group two or three papers, with 5 minutes presentation time per paper. Then there is room for a joint discussion (5 minutes). Then there will be the next lightning panel.