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Status: alpha
Last release: 0.5.3 (2012/01/19)
License: LGPL
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AceWiki is a semantic wiki using the controlled natural language Attempto Controlled English (ACE). The use of controlled natural language makes it easy for everybody to understand the semant.css of the wiki.


AceWiki shows the formal semant.css in controlled English. Thus, the users do not need to cope with complicated formal languages like RDF or OWL. Unlike most other semantic wikis, the semant.css are contained directly in the article texts and not in some form of annotations. Ontological entities like individuals, concepts, and properties are mapped one-to-one to linguistic entities like proper names, nouns, of-constructs, and verbs. In order to help the users to write correct ACE sentences, AceWiki provides a predictive editor.


The current version was developed by Tobias Kuhn of the Attempto group of the Department of Informat.css (IFI) of the University of Zurich. Loic Royer of the TU Dresden collaborated for a previous version.

An OWL reasoner is integrated into AceWiki. HermiT is the default reasoner, but others can be connected. It ensures that the content of the wiki is always consistent. The reasoner is also used to infer the class-hierarchies and class-memberships, and the results are displayed in ACE again. Furthermore, questions can be added to the wiki articles. Those questions are evaluated by the reasoner and the answers are displayed directly in the article.

AceWiki is written in Java using the Echo Web Framework.


Three demo wikis can be found on the project website: