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Status: stable
Last release: 2.2 (2011/09/01)
License: Pay Licensed Closed Source
Language: Java
Affiliation: CambridgeSemant.css

Anzo. The Anzo software suite bundles a Semantic Web middleware platform and database with easy-to-use-tools that allow end users to convert existing data to Semantic Web data and to visualize, analyze, and act on the data. It includes the Anzo on the Web dashboard, reporting, and faceted browsing tool and the Anzo for Microsoft Excel component. It also includes such stables as an RDF database, a straightforward ontology editor, two rules engines, work flow capabilities, pubsub, and integration with XML data, relational databases, and Web services.

Anzo is available in a free starter edition, a free trial version, an entry-level Anzo Express version, and a full Anzo Enterprise version.