Attempto Parsing Engine

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Attempto Parsing Engine
Status: stable
Last release: 6.6-110816 (2011/08/16)
License: LGPL
Affiliation: University of Zurich
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Attempto Parsing Engine (APE) is a parser for Attempto Controlled English (ACE). Both APE and ACE are developed by the Attempto group at the University of Zurich. APE and its related tools are made available as open source under LGPL. The distribution currently includes the following packages:

  • parser/ contains the ACE parser (tokenizer, grammar files, anaphoric reference resolver)
  • lexicon/ contains various lexicon files, notably a content words lexicon with ~2,000 entries (a large English content words lexicon with ~100,000 entries is available under GPL as a separate download)
  • utils/ contains various modules, mostly for translating the Discourse Representation Structure (DRS) generated by APE into other forms (standard first-order logic syntax, OWL/SWRL, back to ACE, etc.)
  • logger/ contains the error logger module

APE and its related tools are completely written in Prolog, specifically SWI-Prolog. There are no other dependencies. In order to use APE, one must first install SWI-Prolog and its packages (minimally: clib, sgml and http).

There is an easy-to-use command-line tool ape.exe that provides an interface to APE and the other modules. For example, executing:

./ape.exe -text "Every man is a human." -solo drsxml

will output the DRS of the ACE sentence "Every man is a human." in XML.

To experiment with APE one can also use the APE web client, to use APE via a webservice see the APE webservice documentation.