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BLOOMS is an ontology alignment system based on the idea of bootstrapping information already present on the LOD cloud. It was developed particularly for Linked Open Data schema alignment.To obtain more information about BLOOMS, please have a look at our paper Ontology Alignment for Linked Open Data.

BLOOMS is an acronym for Bootstrapping-based Linked Open Data Ontology Matching System.


BLOOMS bootstrapping approach utilizes the Wikipedia category hierarchy for aligning ontologies. BLOOMS constructs a forest (i.e., a set of trees) TC (known as BLOOMS forest for C) for each matching candidate class name C, which roughly corresponds to a selection of supercategories of the class name. Comparison of the forests TC and TB for matching candidate classes C and B then yields a decision whether or not (and with which of the candidate relations) C and B should be aligned.

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This work is funded primarily by NSF Award:IIS-0842129, titled III-SGER: Spatio-Temporal-Thematic Queries of Semantic Web Data: a Study of Expressivity and Efficiency. Pascal Hitzler acknowledges support by the Wright State University Research Council.