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Bhavsar - An ancient warrior community originating from India[edit]

Bhavsar is a warrior community formed by two ancient warrior princes named Bhavsingh and Sarsingh hailing from Saurashtra, that's where it has obtained its name from. That's the reason its also called Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj.


The history of Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj lies in the ancient warship of vengeance shown by Lord Parshuram against the warrior clans to entirely sweep them off. As per the Bhavsar Community Portal, the princes Bhavsingh and Sarsingh prayed took refuge at the shrine of Goddess Hingalaj, where she spared them from the war, thus saving their clan from extinction.

Region and Language spoken by Bhavsars[edit]

Interestingly, unlike other Indian communities, Bhavsar is a multi regional and multi lingual community, which means that its not constrained to a single language.

Long back, while the families settled down across different regions of India, they started adapting with the socio economical culture where they resided. This way the families residing in Maharashtra adapted Marathi as the native language, while those settled in Gujarat and other Northern states adapted Gujarati and Hindi respectively as their native language. However some of the Maharashtrian Bhavsars such as Dhayfule who settled in South, still maintained Marathi as their native language apart from adapting to the local language.

However its still a matter of debate and research as of what is the original native language of Bhavsars, as many of the researchers have come up with theoretical concepts to prove their findings, yet no body has a solid proof.

What about Bhavsar and Bhawsar Surnames?[edit]

Although Bhavsar which is also written as Bhawsar is a community name, many apply it as their surnames. This although makes the latest generation believe that its their surname, they find it difficult to track their Gotra. Since surname is assigned based on ancestors of the family, a Gotra of a family is determined only based on that name. However families with Bhavsar or Bhawsar as their surname, have to refer to their ancestry records tracked by ancient Bhaats (the one who prepared ancestry records in India) to derive their Gotra.

Then the question arises, as to how come Bhavsar became a surname? The answer being identification. During ancient period people of different communities used to build colonies. People were identified by their colony name. This is the same case with other surname turned communities such as Patil, Desai, Rajput, etc. Naming a person as per the colony was easier to identify as compared to a surname, which can be cross community surname. Thus to avoid confusion, every person from a particular colony was referred as <First Name> <Community Name>, thus the original surname was masked by Community name which later on passed down to their generations.


Primarily this was a warrior community. Later on, adopted clothing and textile industry with activities such as Tailoring, Stitching, Dyeing, Weaving, etc.

Present Occupation[edit]

As generations passed, the members of this community started adapting to other industrial skills such as Engineering, Agriculture, Information Technology, Medical Science, Law, Finance, etc.

One of The Technologically Advanced Community[edit]

Bhavsar inded is one of the technologically advanced commununity, not because it has people who have advanced in various industries, but being able to bridge the global distances and unite its members through its community portal and other web services.

Web Services[edit]