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Status: stable
License: Webapp, public
Affiliation: University of Kassel

BibSonomy is a public web platform for managing bookmarks and references in a united, tag-based way.

SWIKIG uses BibSonomy[edit] (Web)

At (BibTex) we have a public bibtex list of all items tagged with swikig.

  • Please tag all future papers and bookmarks with swikig
  • All papers, demos, posters from SemWiki2006 have been uploaded
  • At (RSS) you can get an RSS feed and thus get notified whenever there is a new relevant publication or link for our field - yeah!
  • The Kassel-crew said they are open for feature suggestions and APIs will soon offer even more ways to access the data
  • In the long run, a tighter integration with Semantic MediaWiki is planned.