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Callimachus homepage
Status: stable
Last release: 0.18 (2012/11/23)
License: Apache License 2.0
Language: Java
Affiliation: 3 Round Stones
Web resources

Callimachus, a Linked Data management system is a framework for creating data-driven applications based on Linked Data principles. Callimachus allows Web authors to quickly and easily create semantically-enabled Web applications.

Callimachus allows for the storage of RDF data and provides a template system for the visualization of RDF and the building of data-driven application. Templates are written in industry-standard XHTML and RDFa. A SPARQL endpoint and a comprehensive REST API are also provided.

Callimachus may be used to build complex and dynamic end-user applications using RDF content.

See the Callimachus discussion list for more information. Callimachus Days are held following each minor release on in the channel #callimachus.