Car Options Ontology

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Vocabulary: Car Options Ontology

Car Options Ontology
Language: OWL DL
Last release: 2010/10/12
Last revision: 2010/10/12
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The COO provides a vocabulary for exposing available configuration options for car models. It allows indicating choices that can be made as well as compatibility, dependency, and inclusion information. The ontology imports and extends the GoodRelations ontology for e-commerce, which provides an abstract framework for product model information via gr:ProductOrServiceModel and its associated properies.

The main difference between COO and the default patterns for model data in GoodRelations is that GoodRelations requires the materialization of all choices for features, which can quickly lead to very large amounts of data if features can be combines rather freely, due to the combinatorial effects.

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The Car Options Ontology is designed to be used in combination with GoodRelations for the commercial aspects of offers for sale or rental, and the Vehicle Sales Ontology for car features. See and for more information. This document is the official specification. For the other developer resources, please check:

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