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vCard Christoph Lange
Affiliation: University of Birmingham
Homepage: at the University of Birmingham
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Old Text[edit]

Hi! Christoph Lange is a Ph.D. student of computer science at the Jacobs University Bremen. The preliminary title of his Ph.D. thesis, expected to be finished around the end of 2009, is "Web Collaboration on Semiformal Mathematical Knowledge".

His research interests are:

  • semantic wikis (he was chair of SemWiki2008)
  • mathematical knowledge management
  • browsing, collaborative authoring, and presentation of (mathematical) documents
  • semantic markup languages
  • ontologies for scientific documents
  • argumentation ontologies

He is developing SWiM, a Semantic Wiki for Mathematical Knowledge Management (currently used at OpenMath), and Krextor, a framework for extracting RDF from XML documents.

He is operating the MathWeb wiki, a community forum about mathemat.css on the web, powered by Semantic MediaWiki.

Even older (but not obsolete) information[edit]

  • New Book (in German): Wikis und Blogs
    Including a chapter about semantic wikis, written by the Semantic MediaWiki developers

I wrote my diploma thesis (supervised by Michael Kohlhase) on the integration of the OMDoc format for representation of mathematical knowledge in a semantic wiki. The implementation, called SWiM (“semantic wiki for mathematical knowledge management”), is based on IkeWiki. At the SemWiki2006 workshop (part of ESWC2006), we presented our paper “A Semantic Wiki for Mathematical Knowledge Management”.

In September 2006, I started my Ph.D. research (with Michael Kohlhase) on a collaborative environment for scientific knowledge services, thereby continuing the SWiM project.

Furthermore, I'm one of the administrators of the German Wikipedia (see my user page there) and the editor and main author of a book on wikis. In our research group, I operate the MathWeb wiki, an instance of Semantic MediaWiki for discussions about mathematical knowledge management.