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Cognitum delivers high-end IT services in the area of Cloud Computing & Big Data solutions as well as Knowledge Management tools and Semantic Technologies. We seek our competitive advantage with constant innovation through own investment in R&D activities and cooperation with major academ.css within multiparty research projects.

We build our strong competences within several technological areas:

  • Big Data processing and analysis
  • Cloud Solutions and core Business Applications
  • Knowledge Management and Semantic Web
  • Ontology Engineering
  • Heterogeneous Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Formal Systems
  • Cloud Computing and Cloud Testing

We are present on several vertical markets (industry, telco, health, government, legal services, media) and deliver services to customers from many countries.

Our mission is to deliver high-end, scallable and future-ready solutions for data aquision, storage, searching and processing. No matter how big or complex they are.

Cognitum™ was established as an Ltd in 2010 in Warsaw, Poland. Starting the company was speed up by the participation in Microsoft BizSpark programme.

Tools for Semantic Web[edit]

  • Fluent Editor - comprehensive tool for editing and manipulating complex ontologies that uses Controlled Natural Language.
  • Ontorion - a Knowledge Representation System (KRS) that is designed to be accessible via spectrum of Controlled Natural Language (CNL) interfaces
  • Ontology-Aided Software Engineering (OASE) is a semiotic framework for software development. It extends the existing methodologies with an ability to express the supporting knowledge in (controlled) natural language called OASE-English.