Describing Ontology Applications

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A paper written by Thomas Albertsen and Eva Blomqvist. It was presented at the ESWC2007. It is about Patterns, Architecture description language and Ontologies

The paper is available online at


Semantic Web technologies are finally, after a few years of

infancy, truly entering the business world to support the growing needs of
computer aided information selection and processing. There are already
quite well-defined development processes and methods in the software
engineering field to handle the construction of large scale and complex
enterprise systems, and to reuse knowledge in different software domains
patterns are considered to be common practise. Patterns can be described
on different levels of abstraction, but the patterns in the focus of this
paper are on the software architecture level. In this paper we present
a definition of the notion "ontology application pattern", as a special
form of software architecture patterns describing an ontology-based system.
We also show how such patterns, as well as the description of the
pattern instantiations, can be described using a modified Architecture
Description Language.

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