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Dublin Core
Homepage: dublincore.org
Language: RDF
Last release: October 28 2006
Last revision: October 28 2006
Namespace: http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/
Swoogle hits: 1,364,337 (check)

Dublin Core refers to a standard of a semantic vocabulary defined by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Metadata Terms[edit]

The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set[edit]

Namespace: http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/ formerly dc

This is the basic vocabulary to describe Documents. Wikipedia has planned to derive some Properties from these. Some Elements like "contributor" and "creator" may be automatically created by Wikipedia (think of the history of this document); "publisher" is a fixed value "Wikipedia Foundation Inc.". Others like "description" are not explicitly planned in the current design of Wikipedia. The "subject" of an article is mostly the header or (true) title of it.

Other Elements[edit]

Namespace: http://purl.org/dc/terms/ formerly dct

Other Elements and Element Refinements

  • abstract
  • accessRights
  • accrualMethod
  • accrualPeriodicity
  • accrualPolicy
  • alternative
  • audience
  • available
  • bibliographicCitation
  • conformsTo
  • created
  • dateAccepted
  • dateCopyrighted
  • dateSubmitted
  • educationLevel
  • extent
  • hasFormat
  • hasPart
  • hasVersion
  • instructionalMethod
  • isFormatOf
  • isPartOf
  • isReferencedBy
  • isReplacedBy
  • isRequiredBy
  • issued
  • isVersionOf
  • license
  • mediator
  • medium
  • modified
  • provenance
  • references
  • replaces
  • requires
  • rightsHolder
  • spatial
  • tableOfContents
  • temporal
  • valid

Encoding Schemes[edit]

Namespace: http://purl.org/dc/terms/ formerly dct

In this Wiki this might get implemented as datatypes.


Namespace: http://purl.org/dc/dcmitype/ formerly dcc

Types are not implemented as Attributes or Properties. Instead there are Classes and in that Case Articles. A Article can derive from this Types.

  • Collection
  • Dataset
    May be used for Database Records or maybe defining Enumerated Datatypes.
    see also: Wikidata
  • Event
    This is used when the article is about things, that happened (or will happen) in history.
    (ie. "The coronation of king william III", but not the Article "William III")
  • Image
    Is either a Moving Image or a Still Image.
  • Interactice Resource
    Java Appletts, Flash, or simmilar interactive content. Not currently used in Wikipedia.
  • Moving Image
    Used for Videos. Not currently used in Wikipedia.
  • Physical Object
    Meaning that the article is about a Physical Object. This can mean Buildings, Persons and other physical Objects. Note that Building and Person derive from Physical Object and therefore no need to define explicit.
  • Service
    Means a System with additional Services to the user. Examples are a Bookshop, Onlinebanking, or - to keep the context - the Specialpages in the Wikipedia.
  • Software
    Defines an Article about a specific Software Product.
  • Sound
    Defines a Audio-File. This may be useful in the Wikiquote and Wiktionary Project.
  • Still Image
    Used for defining the Type of an Image. All uploaded Pictures should derive automatically from this type.
  • Text
    All Articles are a Text. The derivation from this Type might become implicit.

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