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User Guide: http://www.openrdf.org/doc/elmo/1.0/user-guide/index.html

  • BSD, Java 5.0, store Sesame (generic API);
  • Additional functionality on top of the triple store: predictive caching (preloading properties and saving query results for future queries), query expansion (for handling owl:sameAs), dealing with metadata (reification) ;
  • JavaBeans concepts for a number of well known web ontologies including Dublin Core, RSS and FOAF;
  • Dynamic Runtime JavaBean creation based on RDFS/OWL;
  • A set of tools related to the supported ontologies, including an RDF crawler, a generic smusher framework and a generic validator framework, with various smushers and a validator specific to FOAF;
  • Code generation using Groovy script template;
  • Elmo uses annotated Java interfaces, which are implemented by dynamic classes at runtime using Javassist.

download: http://www.openrdf.org/download.jsp

Elmo is broken into a module design in subversion.

  • elmo-api contain public interfaces;
  • elmo-core contains internal interfaces and dynamic byte-code generation; and
  • elmo-sesame contains Sesame specific implementation classes.