Enabling Advanced and Context-Dependent Access Control in RDF Stores

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A paper written by Nicola Henze, Arne Koesling, Daniel Krause, Juri De Coi, Daniel Olmedilla and Fabian Abel. It was presented at the ISWC2007+ASWC2007.


Semantic Web databases allow efficient storage and access to RDF statements. Applications are able to use expressive query languages in order to retrieve relevant metadata in order to perform different tasks. However, access to metadata may not be public to just any application or service. Instead, powerful and flexible mechanisms for protecting sets of RDF statements are required for many Semantic Web applications. Unfortunately, current RDF stores do not provide fine-grained protection. This paper fills this gap and presents a mechanism by which complex and expressive policies can be specified in order to protect access to metadata in multi-service environments.

A linked list of all papers is provided in the article on ISWC2007+ASWC2007 papers. This article has originally been created from the ISWC 2007/ASWC 2007 metadata.