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Fluent Editor 2
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Status: mature
Last release: 2.2.2 (2013/03/20)
License: Free for non-commercial usage, Paid commercial license
Language: .NET
Affiliation: Cognitum
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Fluent Editor 2 is a comprehensive tool for editing and manipulating complex ontologies that uses Controlled Natural Language. Fluent editor provides one with a more suitable for human users alternative to XML-based OWL editors. It's main feature is the usage of Controlled English as a knowledge modeling language. Supported via Predictive Editor, it prohibits one from entering any sentence that is grammatically or morphologically incorrect and actively helps the user during sentence writing. The Controlled English is a subset of Standard English with restricted grammar and vocabulary in order to reduce the ambiguity and complexity inherent in full English.

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Fluent Editor

Key features[edit]

CNLOWL implementation

Implementation of CNLOWL. Fluent Editor grammar is compatible with OWL-DL and OWL2.

OWL 2.0 full compliance

Full compliance with OWL 2.0 standard from W3C.


Compatible with OWL API, which allows it to be used in cooperation with other tools.

SWRL compliance

User can import existing ontologies from OWL files.

Dynamic referencing external OWL ontologies

CNL documents can dynamicaly reference external OWL's from Web or disk.

Predictive Edition Support

Users have enhanced support by predictive editor.

Built-in dictionary

Built-in dictionary makes easier to avoid misspelling errors.

Advanced User Interface -> opening semantic technologies for inexperienced users

FluentEditor provides several enhancements for less advanced users to start working with OWL ontologies.

In-place error resolving support

FluentEditor provides direct information about possible errors with hints on how to resolve them.

Importing existing ontologies

Users can directly import to CNL any external ontology which is available on the Internet.

English morphology and syntax

FluentEditor uses Controled English whose grammar is based on common English morphology and syntax.

Ambiguity resolution (shortnames management)

FluentEditor keeps track of ambiguities of concepts and/or instance names imported from different external ontologies. Users can still use short names of those elements.