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The Free University Berlin is one of the universities of Berlin, Germany.

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(Free University Berlin vCards)
Adrian Paschke, Anja Jentzsch, Chris Bizer, Kia Teymourian, Robert Tolksdorf

Software tools


Coorganised events

The following is a list of events coorganised by people who are presently members of Free University Berlin:
RuleML 2013, RuleML2011, SWAT4LS2010, ISWC2010, RuleML2010, I-SEMANTICS 2010, ICPW2010, SWAT4LS2009, RuleML2009, I-SEMANTICS 2009, ICPW2009, SWAT4LS2008, RuleML2008, ISWC2008, SFSW2008, RuleML2007

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