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This is a place for putting pointers to useful tutorials and resources for getting started with Semantic Web technologies. The intention is to make this a useful starting point for people who are completely new to semantic technologies. Resources on more specific top.css should appear on the respective pages.

Help is needed to make this a useful page for beginners. Please contribute.

General reading[edit]




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Making The Semantic Web Accessible to the Casual User26 June 2008Abraham BernsteinGoogle TechTalks
Supporting Casual Data-Centric Interaction on the Web4 June 2008David HuynhGoogle TechTalks
All The Information In The World, The Way You Want23 May 2008Mark BirbeckGoogle TechTalks
A Basic Introduction to RDFa7 January 2008Manu SpornyDigital Bazaar
A Short Introduction to the Semantic Web25 December 2007Manu SpornyDigital Bazaar
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Semantic Web (video)25 May 2007Eyal Oren
Sebastian Kruk
Stefan Decker
Google TechTalks
Everything is Miscellaneous10 May 2007David WeinbergerGoogle TechTalks
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