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GRASP (Graph for SharePoint)
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Status: stable
Last release: 1.2.0 (2013/03/01)
License: Pay Licensed Closed Source
Affiliation: DIQA
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Professional knowledge management relies on formal ontologies that must be managed according to company-wide information management policies. Ontologies also provide access to semantic data (the Web Of Data) that give important insights into business processes and support SharePoint users in their daily work.

GRASP ("Graph for SharePoint") is the SharePoint solution to manage and preserve ontologies together with your other electronic assets in the central SharePoint platform. Semantic data that is provided by your ontologies or by the Web of Data is made available to SharePoint users and business processes.


  • Upload ontologies into a SharePoint ontology library in all common formats incl. RDF/XML, Turtle, RDF/JSON, RDFa 1.0,SKOS
  • Apply existing security policies to your uploaded ontologies, manage versions and create local revisions (e.g. Protégé, NeOn)
  • Populate the SharePoint term stores with SKOS-ontologies
  • Query uploaded ontologies with SPARQL 1.1
  • Mash-up uploaded ontologies and terms with semantic data contained in (remote) SPARQL endpoints and make query results available in external lists or visualisations.