Hong-Gee Kim

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vCard Hong-Gee Kim
Affiliation: Seoul National University
Homepage: bike.snu.ac.kr/hgkim/
PC member of: SWKM2008, ISWC2006, SWET2006
OC member of: SSLD2009

Hong-Gee Kim is a Professor at Seoul National University.

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Research Interests[edit]

Medical Informat.css, Semantic Web, Ontology Engineering, Knowledge Representation

Research Projects[edit]

  • Semi-Automatic Crawling of Conference Data and Inferring of Scholarly Meanings, Korea Research Foundation(Dec 2006 - Nov 2008)
  • Semantic Service Agent technology development for Next Generation Web, Korea Ministry of Information and Telecommunication(Mar 2005 - Feb 2009)
  • Ontology-based interoperable EHR technology research, Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare(Nov 2005 - Oct 2010)
  • Ontology based Knowledge Management Technology for Medical Science, Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare(Dec 2004 - Nov 2005)
  • Deontic Behavioral Control for Intelligent Robot, Electronic & Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea(May 2004 - Dec 2004)
  • Non-monotonic Logic based business knowledge representation and processing, Electron.css & Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea(Mar 2004 - Feb 2004)
  • Development of Semantic Web Based Total Information Management Platform, HANUL Information INC, Korea(Mar 2004 - Feb 2005)
  • Ontology based Inference technology for Oriental Medical Knowledge, Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare(Mar 2003 - Apr 2005)
  • Study on the interconnection Web Services and Semantic Web, Electron.css & Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea(Mar 2003 - Dec 2003)
  • System Design for Flexible Reasoning and Learning, Korea Ministry of Science and Technology(Jan 2001 - Nov 2004)

This person attended ISWC2006.