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Status: stable
Last release: 1.0 (April 22 2010)
License: LGPL
Author(s): Kobrix Software, Inc.
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HyperGraphDB is a general purpose, extensible, portable, distributed, embeddable, open-source data storage mechanism. It is a graph database designed specifically for artificial intelligence and semantic web projects, it can also be used as an embedded object-oriented database for projects of all sizes.


HyperGraphDB implements a general data model of directed hypergraphs where each edge is a tuple that can point to other edges as well. Reified n-ary relationships are thus naturally represented in the model. In addition, the system implements an extensive type system allowing one to natively embed any meta-model, in particular semantic web formalisms such as RDF, OWL and Topic Maps.


HyperGraphDB is an open-source project, initiated by Kobrix Software, Inc., and mostly developed by Borislav Iordanov. It is written in Java using the BerkeleyDB database. The architecture and storage layout, however, are programming language neutral.