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Status: beta
Last release: 0.9.0 (2011/12/17)
License: BSD
Language: java
Author(s): Heiko Haller, Henning Sperr, Florian Simon, Max Völkel, Felix Kugel
Affiliation: Calpano, KIT
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Note: See also the new official iMapping homepage

iMapping is a technique for visually structuring information objects. It supports the full range from informal note taking over semi-structured personal information management to formal knowledge models. With iMaps, users can easily go from overview to fine-grained structures while browsing editing or refining the knowledge base in one comprehensive view.

An iMap is comparable to a large whiteboard where information items can be positioned like post-its but also nested into each other. Spatial browsing and zooming aswell as graphical editing facilities make it easy to structure content in an intuitive way. iMapping builds on a zooming user interface approach to facilitate navigation and to help users maintain an overview in the knowledge space.

First iMapping prototypes have been developed in the Nepomuk project and as the main part of Heiko Haller's PhD thesis. Further development is still ongoing.

The iMapping App has QuiKey built in to allow other ways to access to your contents.

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Documentation and Community[edit]

A user forum is availlable on our iMapping Facebook Page Please also consider signing up for the (very low traffic) newsletter at the iMapping homepage.

Apart from the introduction videos below, there is an instruction map that opens on first use and explains how to use the tool. Also the most important functions are listed on the help page available from the Help menu. For some hacks for Linux users (including the Alt-Key problem), see iMapping/Linux

Introduction Videos[edit]


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