IRMLeS 2009

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IRMLeS 2009
1st International Workshop on Inductive Reasoning and Machine Learning on the Semantic Web
Subevent of ESWC
Start June 1 2009
Homepage: Homepage
City: Heraklion
Country: Greece
Important dates
Submissions due: March 7 2009
Notification: April 4 2009
Camera ready due: April 18 2009
Event in series IRMLeS

IRMLeS 2009 is the 1st International Workshop on Inductive Reasoning and Machine Learning on the Semantic Web

The workshop is meant to be a forum for scientific exchange amongst researchers interested in an interdisciplinary research on the intersection of the Semantic Web with Knowledge Discovery and Machine Learning fields.

Open, distributed and inherently incomplete nature of the Semantic Web environment posses problems for deductive approaches, traditionally employed to reason with logic-based ontological data. Hence, one may witness a recent trend in the Semantic Web community to propose complementary forms of reasoning, preferably more efficient and noise-tolerant. Promising and already successful approach is the use of inductive and statistical methods as complement to deductive one (for example by adding data mining support to SPARQL query evaluation). It is especially valid when data comes from distributed sources and may be inconsistent. The IRMLeS workshop puts special attention on the problem of ontology mining and inductive and statistical approximate reasoning. The focus of the workshop is on discussion how machine learning techniques, such as statistical learning methods and inductive forms of reasoning, can work directly on the richly structured Semantic Web data and exploit the Semantic Web technologies, and what is the added value of machine learning methods in the Semantic Web context.

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