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5th International Semantic Web Conference
Start 2006/11/05 12:00:00 AM (iCal)
End 2006/11/09 12:00:00 AM
City: Athens, Georgia
Country: United States of America
Important dates
Papers due: 2006/05/22
Posters due: 2006/07/14
Demos due: 2006/07/14
Notification: 2006/07/26
Camera ready due: 2006/08/25
Event in series ISWC

The 5th International Semantic Web Conference is held in Athens, Georgia. Accepted research papers of ISWC2006 are listed in the separate article ISWC2006 papers. An unofficial but readable conference schedule is found at

ISWC2006 had an acceptance rate of 24%.

Research/Academic Track[edit]

The dream of the Web was to create a human communication and collaboration platform for sharing knowledge custom term paper

and enabling a universal space for information and services. We all are now much more connected, and in turn face new resulting problems: service and information overload caused by insufficient support for information selection, organization and collaboration. The Semantic Web, by providing standards for formulating and distributing metadata and ontologies, enables means for information organization and selective access. However, the Semantic Web requires new infrastructure on all levels - e.g., human-computer interaction, expressive representation and query languages, reasoning engines, data representation and integration, interoperability middleware, and distributed computing.

To foster the exchange of ideas and collaboration, the International Semantic Web Conference brings together researchers in relevant disciplines such as artificial intelligence, databases, distributed computing, web engineering, information systems, and human-computer interaction.

The Fifth International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2006) follows on the success of previous conferences and workshops in Galway, Ireland (2005), Hiroshima, Japan (2004), Sanibel Island, USA (2003), Sardinia, Italy (2002), and Stanford, USA (2001).

The research track of ISWC2006 solicits the submission of original, principled research papers dealing with both analytical and practical aspects of Semantic Web research.

The papers that have been accepted for ISWC 2006 are listed at ISWC2006 papers.

Top.css of Interest[edit]

Top.css include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications of Semantic Web technologies with clear lessons learned
  • Semantic Web for e-business, e-science, e-government, and e-learning, e-health, digital libraries, tourism, mobile & ubiquitous applications, digital TV
  • Languages, tools and methodologies for representing and managing Semantic Web data
  • Robust and scalable knowledge management and reasoning on the Web
  • Ontology creation, extraction, and evolution
  • Ontology mapping, merging, and alignment
  • Database technologies for the Semantic Web
  • Semantic Web middleware
  • Machine learning and human language technologies for the Semantic Web
  • Semantic Web services
  • Agents on the Web
  • Representing and reasoning about trust, privacy, and security
  • Semantic web technology for collaboration and cooperation
  • Social software
  • Semantic multimedia
  • Semant.css in peer-to-peer systems and grids
  • Searching, querying, visualizing and interpreting the Semantic Web
  • Evaluation of Semantic Web techniques

custom term paper

  • The Semantic Desktop
  • User-centered Semantic Web applications and/or interaction design
  • Security for the Semantic Web

Paper submissions must be formatted in the style of the Springer Publications format for Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). For complete details, see Springer's Author Instructions.

Papers need to be submitted electronically through the conference submission site. Papers must be submitted in PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format) format. Papers will not be accepted in any other format. Formatted papers must be no longer than 14 pages. Papers that exceed this limit will be rejected without review. ISWC2006 will not accept research papers that, at the time of submission, are under review for or have already been published in or accepted for publication in a journal or another conference. Authors of accepted papers will be required to provide semantic annotations for the abstract of their submission for the Semantic Web (help will be provided for this task). Details will be provided on the conference Web page at the time of acceptance.


Below is the complete ISWC2006 workshop programme. Please refer to the events' webpages for latest information on timing and registration.

OM-2006International Workshop on Ontology Matching11 August 20065 November 2006 08:00:005 November 2006 18:00:00
WOMO2006First International Workshop on Modular Ontologies3 August 20065 November 2006 08:45:005 November 2006 17:30:00
SWPW20062nd International Semantic Web Policy Workshop11 August 20065 November 2006 09:00:005 November 2006 17:30:00
SSWS2006Second International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems4 August 20065 November 2006 09:00:005 November 2006 18:00:00
URSW2006Uncertainty Reasoning for the Web 2006 Workshop31 July 20065 November 2006 09:00:005 November 2006 17:00:00
Terra Cognita 2006Terra Cognita 2006 - Directions to the Geospatial Semantic Web21 July 20066 November 2006 08:00:006 November 2006 18:00:00
SAAW2006Semantic Authoring and Annotation Workshop10 August 20066 November 2006 08:00:006 November 2006 12:00:00
SWUI2006The 3rd International Semantic Web User Interaction Workshop11 August 20066 November 2006 08:30:006 November 2006 17:45:00
SWESE20062nd International Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering10 August 20066 November 2006 09:00:006 November 2006 18:00:00
SemanticDesktopWS2006Semantic Desktop and Social Semantic Collaboration Workshop10 August 20066 November 2006 09:00:006 November 2006 17:30:00
SSN2006Semantic Sensor Networks Workshop10 July 20066 November 2006 09:00:006 November 2006 12:30:00
WCMHLT2006Web Content Mining with Human Language Technologies workshop 20061 August 20066 November 2006 13:00:006 November 2006 17:00:00
OWLED 2006OWL: Experiences and Directions 20067 August 200610 November 2006 08:45:0011 November 2006 17:00:00

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Program committee[edit]