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Status: superseded
Last release: 2.0 (2008/03/05)
License: GPL
Language: Java
Author(s): Sebastian Schaffert
Affiliation: Salzburg Research

IkeWiki is a Java-based semantic wiki engine.

Development of IkeWiki has stopped. The developers are now working on a successor: KiWi.



  • Sebastian Schaffert. IkeWiki: A Semantic Wiki for Collaborative Knowledge Management . In: 1st International Workshop on Semantic Technologies in Collaborative Applications STICA 06, Manchester, UK, June 2006.. [1]
  • Sebastian Schaffert, Andreas Gruber, and Rupert Westenthaler : A Semantic Wiki for Collaborative Knowledge Formation . In: Semant.css 2005, Vienna, Austria. November 2005. [2]
  • http://www.bibsonomy.org/bibtex/07804f9b281358a09d3103c983733a5c4


Main wiki characterist.css[edit]

Is the wiki web-based or a (standalone) desktop application?

  • Web-based

What communities (type/size) is the wiki intended for?

  • primarily knowledge engineers and researchers, advanced users

Standard project info (align with sourceforge attributes)[edit]

What is the wiki engine's software license?

  • GNU General Public License

What programming language is it written in?

  • Java (Server Pages, Tomcat, Jena)

What status is the project in? (project maturity)

  • Prototype

What is the estimated size of the developer community?

  • currently around 2 contributing with code and 5 contributing with ideas

What is the estimated size of the installation base?

  • currently around 6 installations (mainly developers)

Standard wiki features[edit]

User Features[edit]

    • Editing: standard features plus some AJAX features, editing of resource and link types, editing of metadata annotations, WYSIWIG editor, wiki-syntax
    • Markup Syntax: Wikipedia style
    • Access Rights: flexible, extensive
    • Attachments: as separate resources
    • Versioning: Diff, Rollback (not for metadata)
    • Navigation Support: Wiki links, overview over incoming and outgoing RDF edges, context-dependent visualisations (e.g. generated taxonomy box, hierarchy). Also SVG based navigator!
    • Plugins: "Wiklets" and "Views" to enrich resource presentation based on the semantic context
    • Further Features: context visualisation
  • Developer Features
    • Backend: PostgreSQL database, Jena
    • Versioning 4 Devs: Subversion
    • XML-RPC Ready: no
    • Extensions Mechanism: Plugin


Are semant.css (triples/whatever) separated from or included in the wiki markup?

  • separated (Wiki links can be made "explicit")

Is the end user supported when formalizing content/adding annotations in some way? autocompletion/proposal generation/schema or consistency checking

  • yes; applicable types for links and metadata fields are determined based on the resource types and context
  • planned:
    • support for ontology editing by properly visualising classes, properties, ...
    • suggestions of the system based on text analysis (e.g. text2onto)

What representation language is used? (RDF/OWL/...)

  • RDF and OWL

Is there versioning support for the formalized content?

  • no, but planned

Is there provenance (Herkunft) support for the formalized content? (get formalized contents/triples tagged with its author?)

  • no

What things can get formalized?

  • resource types, links, metadata

Is there support for typing pages/category system/page tagging?

  • yes

Is there support for typing links?

  • yes

What ontology support does the wiki provide?

  • currently OWL-RDFS; OWL-DL is technically possible but too slow in practice

Is there support for loading/saving ontologies?

  • yes, import and export functionality for arbitrary RDF data

Can ontologies be created/changed from within the wiki?

  • yes, some support for ontology editing is available (creating classes, properties, display of additional information for resources that are classes or properties)

Is there any reasoning support?

  • yes, OWL-RDFS (see above)

Is the instance data required to comply with the ontologies?

  • no

How can semantic information be exploited?

  • navigation, page rendering, planned: searching

Is there simple querying support? (search for all triples with a certain subject, predicate, object)

  • planned, SPARQL would be easy but is not convenient for users

Is there advanced querying support? (free, complex queries) Is there any real user interface for expressing advanced queries?

  • see above

Is there any special visualization?

  • each ontology can be associated with almost arbitrary visualisations; examples included for a biology ontology and for RDFS/OWL itself

Is there any way to render pages from formalized content?

  • by using Wiklets, almost any content can be generated from formalized content

Facts about "IkeWiki"
AffiliationSalzburg Research +
Coded inJava +
DemoURLhttp://ikewiki-demo.salzburgresearch.at + and http://ikewiki-demo.salzburgresearch.at/ +
Has authorSebastian Schaffert +
Has editing paradigmWiki-syntax +
Homepagehttp://ikewiki.salzburgresearch.at +
LicenseGPL +
NameIkeWiki +
PaperSebastian Schaffert. IkeWiki: A Semantic Wiki for Collaborative Knowledge Management + and Sebastian Schaffert, Andreas Gruber, and Rupert Westenthaler : A Semantic Wiki for Collaborative Knowledge Formation +
Release date5 March 2008 +
SWikiFeat:ClassModelNone +
Statussuperseded +
Version2.0 +