Integrating Folksonomies with the Semantic Web

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A paper written by Lucia Specia and Enrico Motta. It was presented at the ESWC2007. It is about social tagging systems, ontologies and folksonomies

The paper is available online at


While tags in collaborative tagging systems serve primarily an indexing purpose, facilitating search and navigation of resources, the use of the same tags by more than one individual can yield a collective classification schema. We present an approach for making explicit the semant.css behind the tag space in social tagging systems, so that this collaborative organization can emerge in the form of partial ontologies. This is achieved by using a combination of shallow pre-processing strategies and statistical techniques together with knowledge provided by ontologies available on the semantic web. Preliminary results on the and Flickr tag sets showed that the approach is very promising: it generates clusters with highly related tags corresponding to concepts in ontologies, and meaningful relationships among subsets of these tags can be identified.

This data has been imported from the ESWC2007 RDF