Internet Business Logic

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Internet Business Logic
Status: stable
Last release: 1.0 (April 30, 2008)
License: Webapp, free shared use, also commercial subscription
Affiliation: Reengineering LLC

Internet Business Logic is a kind of Wiki and SOA Endpoint for writing and running business rules in open vocabulary, executable English.

Since the executable knowledge is in English, Google indexes and retrieves it, acting as a kind of registry.

You can use your browser to specify applications in English, run them, and get English explanations of the results.

You can also use the system, Service Oriented Architecture style, as an advanced knowledge processing endpoint on the web. Please see: .

Applications of the system include: Risk Analysis, Reasoning over Taxonomies, Knowledge Based Data Mining, Business Intelligence, and Supply Chain Management.

The system supports interoperating, self-explaining SQL and RDF database applications, specified as business rules in open vocabulary, open syntax, executable English.

Unlike other Natural Language systems, this one does not need dictionary or grammar maintenance, yet the English semant.css are strict. This is achieved via a trade off -- if an author wants the system to regard two different English sentences as having the same meaning, she must so state.

Please note that this is not yet-another-controlled-English-system. The vocabulary is open, and so to a large extent is the syntax. You can freely write down executable English knowledge containing new terms, such as technical jargon or government acronyms. However, the system can be used to manage and query controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies.

From business rules, the system can generate and run SQL queries that would be too complicated to write reliably by hand, and it can explain the results, in English, at the business or scientific level.

Please see , where you will find presentations, papers, tutorials, examples, and of course the system itself -- live online. As mentioned, shared use is free.