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Linked Data on the Web 2008
Subevent of WWW2008
Start April 22 2008 (iCal)
End April 22 2008
Homepage: Homepage
City: Beijing
Country: People's Republic of China
Event in series LDOW

Linked Data on the Web was a workshop at WWW2008.


The Web is increasingly understood as a global information space consisting not just of linked documents, but also of Linked Data. More than just a vision, the Web of Data has been brought into being by the maturing of the Semantic Web technology stack, and by the publication of large datasets according to the principles of Linked Data. During 2007, the size of the Web of Data has grown to several billion RDF triples which are served by a network of interlinked data sources and which cover domains such as geographic information, people, companies, online communities, films, music, books and scientific publications. In addition to publishing and interlinking datasets, there is also ongoing work on Linked Data browsers, Linked Data crawlers, Web of Data search engines and other applications that consume Linked Data from the Web.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for the Linked Data community, in which participants can:

  • present and discuss approaches to publishing Linked Data on the Web;
  • showcase innovative applications that consume Linked Data;
  • shape the agenda and identify upcoming research issues for the next development stage of the Web of Data.


Top.css of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • publishing large data sources as Linked Data on the Web (e.g. publishing tools and wrappers, experience from practical projects)
  • interlinking data on the Web (e.g. linkage heurist.css, similarity measures)
  • embedding data into classic Web documents (e.g. GRDDL, RDFa, microformats)
  • crawling and caching Web data
  • smushing and integrating data from different sources
  • querying distributed data on the Web
  • Linked Data browsers
  • Linked Data search engines
  • applications that exploit Linked Data from the Web
  • characterizing and measuring the Web of Data
  • assessing the quality and trustworthiness of Web data
  • licensing issues in publishing Linked Data