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Homepage: Admin module for RSS 1.0
Language: RDF
Last release: February 16 2002
Last revision: February 16 2002
Namespace: admin:
Swoogle hits: 441,790 (check)

The MetaVocab vocabulary is an RDF vocabulary for describing authors and generator tools of RDF documents. It currently has the status of a "proposed" vocabulary, but it is already used extensively in some contexts. Similar to TrackBack, it is conveived as an extension to RSS 1.0, but is also used with the non-RDF format RSS 2.0.

Vocabulary elements[edit]

MetaVocab features the following elements:

  • generatorAgent. Note that the spelling variants "GeneratorAgent" and "generatoragent" are not part of the vocabulary.
  • errorReportsTo. Again, variants like "errorsreportTo" are not correct.

As can be seen on MetaVocab's Swoogle page, some further URIs such as "feedLink" and "webMaster" can be found on the web. These, however, are not part of the spec.