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vCard Michael Hausenblas
Affiliation: DERI Galway
Homepage: Homepage
PC member of: SPOT2010, SDoW2008
OC member of: I-SEMANTICS 2009

Michael Hausenblas is a Research Fellow at DERI, co-ordinating the Linked Data Research Centre. He is the Web Data guy: large-scale data integration, Linked Data, Open Data, REST, NoSQL, cloud computing, developer & researcher, Apache contributor, and proud father of three. Within W3C, Michael has been active since 2006 in a a couple of Incubator Groups, Working Groups, Community Groups, and Interest Groups.


  • Co-ordinating the FP7 EC Support Action LOD Around The Clock (LATC)
  • Together with Richard Cyganiak, coordinating DERI's Linked Data Research Centre (LiDRC)
  • Contributing to voiD, the 'Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets'

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