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This page lists the canonical mappings from microformats to RDF vocabularies. Each microformat has a separate wiki page where you find information specific to that microformat.

What RDF for Microformat (maintainer) Microformat XSLT (maintainer) Help Wiki Page Supporters
Personal Info VCardRDF (Harry Halpin, Norm Walsh) hCard hcard2rdf.xsl (Norman Walsh) hCard Sindice, Yahoo
Tagging Tag Ontology (Richard Newman) rel-tag  ?? rel-tag Yahoo
Calendars RDF Calendar (Dan Connolly) hCalendar glean-hcal.xsl (??) hCalendar Sindice, Yahoo
Social Networking XFNinRDF (Richard Cygniak) XFN grokXFN.xsl (??) xfn Sindice, Yahoo
Reviews RDF Review (Tom Heath Danny Ayers) hReview hreview2rdfxml.xsl (??) hReview Sindice, Yahoo
Location VCardRDF ( Harry Halpin, Norm Walsh) geo hcard2rdf.xsl geo Sindice, Yahoo
Licensing XHTML vocabulary (Ben Adida) rel-license  ?? rel-license Sindice, Yahoo
Atom Feeds AtomOWL (Henry Story) hAtom  ?? hAtom Yahoo
Resumes  ?? hResume  ?? hResume Sindice, Yahoo


  • PoshRDF – a generic/declarative transformation of microformats into RDF
  • Are these all the microformats we should target?
  • Transformr and Swignition are converting microformat enabled pages to RDF. (Swignition's mappings are documented.)
  • ARC also has microformat parsers

Up and coming[edit]

What RDF for Microformat (Maintainer) Microformat XSLT (Maintainer) Help Wiki Page Supporters
Recipes Recipe Vocabulary (Thomas Lörtsch) hRecipe  ?? hRecipe
Music Mo-hAudio (Martin McEvoy) hAudio Mo-hAudio.xsl (??) hAudio TransFormr
Music Audio RDF (Manu Sporny) hAudio  ?? hAudio
hListing Sindice-hListing (Sindice team) hListing  ?? hListing Sindice