Module Extraction and Incremental Classification: A Pragmatic Approach for EL+ Ontologies

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A paper written by Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn. It was presented at the ESWC2008. It is about Incremental classification, Description logic, Ontology and Module extraction

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[edit] Abstract

The description logic EL+ has recently proved practically useful in the life science domain with presence of several large-scale biomedical ontologies such as SNOMED CT. To deal with ontologies of this scale, standard reasoning of classification is essential but not sufficient. The ability to extract relevant fragments from a large ontology and to incrementally classify it has become more crucial to support ontology design, maintenance and re-use. In this paper, we propose a pragmatic approach to module extraction and incremental classification for EL+ ontologies and report on empirical evaluations of our algorithms which have been implemented as an extension of the CEL reasoner.

This data has been imported from the ESWC2008 data

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