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Personal Semantic Data Challenge 2011
Subevent of PSD2011
Important dates
Papers due: June 1, 2011

Please note: The PSD2011 Challenge is cancelled - as the corresponding PSD2011 workshop is not taking place!

Personal Data Mashups[edit]

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Kindly Sponsored by the Open Semantic Collaboration Architecture Foundation - [OSCAF]

Your computer is overflowing with applications for managing your data: your photos, your documents, your calendar, your email, etc. On the other side of your internet connection, the web is overflowing with services for creating, managing, and sharing many of the same things.

We believe that Semantic Technology can be used for linking, categorizing and combining the data from all these sources, giving you an overall view that no single application can match.

If you agree - come to PSD2011 - show us how and get rich(*) and famous!


Create a mash-up of personal and public (web) data that:

  • Demonstrate innovation in combining personal and public data.
  • Highlight the technical capabilities of a Semantic Technology for Personal data management
  • Bring benefits to potential users

The challenge is NOT A PAPER SUBMISSION. A submission should include a short (Max 4 pages) description of the system and a demonstration, the demonstration component should be one of the following, in order of desirability:

  • a demo that works with OUR data, from our desktop, or facebook, or FOAF, etc.
  • a demo that works with publically available test-data?
  • a screen-cast of the system working with your data.

Open-source entries are nice - but not required.

Bonus Task[edit]

As you know comparative evaluations of personal data systems are difficult, due to the inherit privacy issues. Bonus points will be awarded if your system can produce reusable scenarios, issues or data-sets that can be re-used for future challenges!


The best entry will be awarded $450 USD from OSCAF as well as glory and fame.


Entries must be received by 1st June, 2011

The entries will be presented and the winner announced on the 26th of June at PSD2011.


The challenge will be judged by the PSD2010 Program Committee and the organizers.


Submission details TBA.

(*) for modest values of rich