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This wiki already contains annotated pages for 1508 community members, either written by themselves or by others. To go to somebody's page, just type a name into the below field and search.

To add a new person, enter their name below to go to a form to add them; in case the page already exists on the site, you will be sent to the form to edit it instead.

The semantic features of this wiki also create a FOAF file with each person's page.

List of all people on

This site features many more people than would fit on a single page. Please use the link below to browse the list, or use the search on the left to find people by name.

Name Affiliation
Nicholas John Kings BT
WolfgangSlany Institut für Softwaretechnologie, Technische Universität Graz, Austria
Norbert Fuchs University of Zurich
Abir Qasem Lehigh University
Prasenjit Mitra University of Pennsylvania
Katy Esteban-Gonzalez
Jesus Bermudez Basque Country University
Luigi Iannone
Heiko Stoermer University of Trento
EricLindahl University of Nebraska at Omaha
Mark van Assem
Michael Strube EML Research
Jens Hartmann Center for Computing Technologies (TZI)
Peter Haase Fluid Operations
Elias Torres IBM
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