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Status: stable
Last release: 4.2 (2013/03/18)
License: Mozilla Public License
Language: Java
Affiliation: Stanford University
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Protégé is a free, open source ontology editor, written in Java, which is supported by many extensions.

There are currently 3 versions available:

  • Protégé 3.4

Supports OWL 1.0, RDF(S), and Frames. Supports multi-user editing and collaborative ontology development.

  • Protégé 4.2

Supports only OWL 2.0 (see the 3.*/4.* side-by-side comparison for more info).

  • WebProtege 0.5 alpha

A web-based ontology editor. Connects to Protégé 3.4.x through the Collaborative Protege extension.

see also: Protege Release Notes

Protégé community[edit]

More information about extensions and plugins for Protégé can be found in the Protégé community wiki.

It is very easy to link to pages in the Protégé wiki using the interwiki link protege:. For example, the following wikitext creates a link to the Protégé Plugin Library:

[[protege:Protege Plugin Library]]


There is an implementation of OntoClean available with Protégé: