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Quality Assurance of Semantic Annotations for Services
Start June 1 2008 (iCal)
End June 1 2008
Homepage: Homepage
City: Manchester
Country: UK
Event in series QuASAR
  • We are happy to announce that the number of downloads of the QuASAR toolkit has exceeded 120 downloads.

QuASAR: Quality Assurance of Semantic Annotations for Services[edit]

The QuASAR project is building tools to support full life-cycle engineering of semantic annotations for Web services. Semantic annotations have been proposed as a means of providing richer information about the behaviour of Web services to potential users. Ontologies of terms used in a particular application domain, or by a particular community, can be associated with Web service components (e.g. as task descriptions for specific operations, or as richer typing information for specific input or output messages). Users familiar with that ontology can then use the annotations to search for suitable service implementations, or to determine whether the outputs of one service are suitable for use as inputs to another. For example, in the biological domain, a user might wish to convert a protein sequence into its equivalent gene sequence, and might therefore ask a service discovery engine for information on services which take protein sequences as input and return gene sequences as output. Such semantic annotations are only of value if:

  • They are trustworthy; that is, they offer an accurate characterisation of the semant.css of the Web service with which they are associated.
  • They can be captured in a cost-effective manner. Given the rate at which new Web services are arising, and the number of potential user communities each with their own preferred ontologies for annotations, individual human attention for each individual annotation is not a practically realisable goal.
  • They can evolve to keep track of changes in the ontology and the Web services they describe, in a cost-effective manner.

Project Objectives[edit]

The QuASAR project aims to provide a toolkit to assist in the cost-effective creation and evolution of reliable semantic annotations Web services. In particular, we have developed tools to assist human annotators in verifying the annotations they develop before they are deployed into public repositories, and to gain maximum value from manually created annotations, by using them as the starting point from which to infer new annotations.


Relevant web links[edit]

  • For further information about the project visit QuASAR web page
  • New: The beta version of the prototype for verifying the semantic annotations of web services is now available for

download here.