QuASAR (verification tool)

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QuASAR, a tool for verifying semantic annotations of web services
QuASAR project page
Status: prototype
Last release: (October 14 2008)
License: LGPL
Affiliation: University of Manchester
Web resources
  • We are happy to announce that the number of downloads of the QuASAR toolkit has exceeded 120 downloads.

The QuASAR is a tool for the verification of semantic annotations of web services. This is a beta version of the annotation verification tool available under the GNU lesser general public license. The tool allows users to inspect for errors the semantic annotations of web services of their choice using two adequacy criteria. To use the tool download the quasar.zip using the 'Download Quasar' button, unzip it and run either the runme.bat (Windows) or runme.sh (Linux). The distribution also includes the source code.

Screeshots of the tool can be found here. And the tool can be downloaded at http://img.css.man.ac.uk/quasar/download_verification_tool.php.

For further information visit the QuASAR project web page.