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Logo of RDF.rb
Status: beta
Last release: 0.1.5 (2010/04/05)
License: Public Domain
Language: Ruby
Author(s): Arto Bendiken, Ben Lavender, Gregg Kellogg
Affiliation: Datagraph
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RDF.rb is a public domain Ruby library for working with RDF data. Its design goals include bringing RDF to a world of agile programmers and startups, and bringing existing Linked Data enthusiasts to a platform that encourages rapid innovation and programmer happiness.


[edit] Object Model

RDF.rb is built to take full advantage of Ruby's duck typing and mixins, yet also defines a core class hierarchy that will be instantly familiar to anyone acquainted with Sesame's object model:

RDF.rb object model.png

[edit] Tutorials

[edit] Installation

The recommended installation method is via RubyGems. To install the latest official release, do:

$ [sudo] gem install rdf

[edit] Plugins

  • RDF::BERT - RDF.rb plugin for proxying repository operations over the Erlang-compatible BERT-RPC binary protocol.
  • RDF::Isomorphic - RDF.rb plugin for graph bijections and isomorphic equivalence.
  • RDF::JSON - RDF.rb plugin for parsing/serializing RDF/JSON data.
  • RDF::TriX - RDF.rb plugin for parsing/serializing TriX data.
  • RDF::N3 - RDF.rb plugin for parsing/serializing Notation3 data.
  • RDF::RDFXML - RDF.rb plugin for parsing/serializing RDF/XML data.
  • RDF::RDFa - RDF.rb plugin for parsing/serializing RDFa data.
  • RDF::Raptor - RDF.rb plugin for parsing/serializing RDF/XML and Turtle data using the Raptor RDF Parser library.
  • RDF::Sesame - RDF.rb plugin that provides a Sesame 2.0 storage adapter.
  • RDF::Spec - RDF.rb plugin that provides RSpec matchers and shared examples for RDF objects.

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