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Status: stable
Last release: 4.8.2 (2013-02-08)
License: BSD licenses
Affiliation: FZI
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RDFReactor views the RDF data model through object-oriented Java proxies. It makes using RDF easy for Java developers. Technically, it translates an ontology into corresponding Java classes.

  • 1. Think in objects, not statements - Read and write RDF data using familiar Java objects, e.g. use
person.setName("Max Mustermann") 

instead of

addTriple( personURI, nameURI, "Max Mustermann" )
  • 2. Dynamic state - all state information is at all times only in the RDF model in the triple store of your choice
  • 3. Java interfaces are generated automatically from an RDF Schema. Code generation via Velocity templates.



Note that the memory consumption for this module can be quite high, e.g. up to 250M for some larger ontologies.


User and developer community

  • We use this Google group
  • Currently a (slow running) effort is underway to unite several RDF-Java-bridges, see Tripresso for more information.

Who is using RDFReactor?


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