RSS 1.0

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RDF Site Summary
Language: RDF Schema
Last release: December 6 2000
Last revision: May 30 2001
Namespace: sy: or syn:
Swoogle hits: 201,786 (check)

RSS 1.0 is the RDF Site Summary vocabulary in version 1.0. In contrast to RSS 2.0, it is a genuine RDF vocabulary. Note that RSS 1.0 has not been superseded by RSS 2.0. The two formats are different technical approaches towards syndication of online content, and none can be viewed as an extension of the other. However, many extension modules introduce concepts that can be used in both cases. For more information, see the Wikipedia article on RSS.

Usage on the web[edit]

RSS 1.0 introduces several namespaces used by different of its modules. Here we chose syndication as the most common genuine RSS 1.0 namespace for finding Swoogle statist.css. In contrast, the core RSS 1.0 elements are defined in the namespace which is used much less frequently than the syndication namespace.

An accurate estimation of the use of RSS 1.0 on the web is rather hard, since many feeds do not include full namespace declarations. In principle, every RSS 1.0 feed should define an rss:channel, but rss: often is not declared explicitly to be the base namespace of the feeds, which does might as well occur in RSS 2.0. Programs that process RSS (feedreaders) usually expect a specific XML syntax and do not implement the RDF semant.css.

The modular nature of extensions introduces the additional problem that modules can be used in contexts that are not related to RSS at all. For example, the Dublin Core module appears in many other uses and can thus not provide usage data for RSS 1.0.

Due to those considerations, the Swoogle statist.css for RSS 1.0 should be taken with a grain of salt.


RSS 1.0 introduces various modules that may have independent namespaces, as described in the RSS 1.0 module document. Here, the syndication module is used to estimate the overall useage of RSS 1.0, but other modules also are used extensively.