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Affiliation: EURECOM
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Dr. Raphaël Troncy is an Assistant Professor in the Multimedia Communications Department in the EURECOM Institute in Sophia Antipolis (France). He has obtained with honors his Master's thesis in Computer Science at the University of Grenoble (France) after one year spent in the University of Montreal (Canada). He benefited from a PhD fellowship at the National Audio-Visual Institute (INA) of Paris where he received with honors his PhD in 2004 from INRIA. He selected as an ERCIM Post-Doctorate Research Associate (2004-2006) where he visited the National Research Council (CNR) in Pisa (Italy) and the National Research Institute for Mathemat.css and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). He was a senior researcher in the Interactive Information Access group at CWI Amsterdam (2006-2009).

Raphaël Troncy is co-chair of the W3C Incubator Group on Multimedia Semant.css and the W3C Media Fragments Working Group, contributes to the W3C Media Annotations Working Group and actively participated in the K-Space Network of Excellence (2006-2009). He is an expert in audio-visual metadata and in combining existing metadata standards (such as MPEG-7) with current Semantic Web technologies. He works closely with the IPTC standardization body on the relationship between the NewsML language family and Semantic Web technologies.

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