SEAGENT Platform

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SEAGENT Platform
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Status: unknown
Last release: 2.5.0 (2011/04/07)
Language: Java
Affiliation: SEAGENT
Web resources

SEAGENT is a framework which is specialized to develop intelligent agents on the Semantic Web environment. SEAGENT artifacts are based on W3C standard semantic web language OWL. SEAGENT is used to program a multi-agent system above domain ontology in Java.

Semantic Web agents achieve user's goals using resources defined in Semantic Web languages. SEAGENT agents are designed to be integrated with the Semantic Web resources easily. Belief-base of SEAGENT agents is an SDB triple store, and goals and plans of the agents are programmed in OWL.

Implemented as an Eclipse plug-in, SEAGENT Development Environment (SDE) provides rapid development of semantic web agent applications. SDE offers several visual editors to create multi-agent system artifacts.


  • Ontology Development
  • Organization Development
  • HTN-style plans
  • Action implementation in Java
  • Protocol Development