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Semantic MediaWiki Plus
Status: stable
Last release: 1.7.0 (2012/04/24)
License: GPL
Language: PHP
Affiliation: DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH
Web resources
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What is SMW+?

SMW+ is a semantic enterprise wiki. SMW+ is well suited for organisations or teams dealing with complex and informal workflows. SMW+ offers a rich feature set to create, share, publish and re-use knowledge contained in wiki contents. 

DIQA maintains extensions to MediaWiki and carefully picks other useful extensions and, if having passed our rigorous quality assurance procedure, casts them into SMW+. Apart from a team work ontology, SMW+ includes Semantic MediaWiki, Halo Extension, Semantic Forms, a WYSIWYG editor and many more useful extensions. 

SMWplus create and edit.png

Create and edit

  • Create visually appealing wiki pages in the rich text editor and embed documents and rich media in your wiki
  • Enter and tag data like sales figures, milestone dates and customer comments freehand or using forms
  • Annotate contents with semantic tags leveraging organisation and retrieval of knowledge stored in your wiki
  • Create logical rules with a graphical rules editor for stating complex interrelations

Discover and retrieve

  • Discover wiki pages and data with our fault-tolerant search engine providing auto-completion and typo correction
  • Organise wiki pages in a hierarchical tree that populates automatically according to the semantic tags
  • Build queries graphically to retrieve data contained in wiki pages and embed the results in wiki pages
  • Use queried data for automatic content generation and present it as fancy statistic graphs and charts
SMWplus discover and retrieve.png
SMWplus ontology browser.png

Organise and curate

  • A GUI-based ontology browser enables intuitive browsing of the wiki's ontology and lookup of semantically annotated data
  • Run gardening bots to detect inconsistencies in your wiki and continuously improve the quality of the authored knowledge
  • Protect your wiki contents on different layers enabling private user and team work spaces

Import and interconnect

  • Integrate external data from applications, web services or legacy systems (e.g. CRM, ERP systems)
  • Import wiki data such as project reports or risk estimations in Excel and reuse it for further calculations
  • Pump your wiki with existing data like vocabularies and glossaries
  • Query and reuse semantically annotated data (via SPARQL) in other applications by connecting a triple store
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