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The SPARQL-RW Framework : Ontology Mapping and SPARQL Query Rewriting in the Web of Linked Data[edit]

The SPARQL-RW (SPARQL-ReWriting) Framework provides transparent query access over mapped RDF datasets in the Web of Linked Data.
The SPARQL-RW Framework provides a method for SPARQL query rewriting, with respect to a set of predefined mappings between ontology schemas.
To this end, a set of rich and flexible mapping types are supported by the SPARQL-RW Framework.

Key Features.[edit]

  • Mapping Specification between Ontologies Schemas.
  • Flexible & Rich Mapping support.
  • SPARQL Query ReWriting based on Mappings.
  • Inference Support over SPARQL Rewriting.
  • Semant.css preserving Query rewriting.
  • Java System Prototype.


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Related Projects.[edit]

  • SPARQL2XQuery : Bridging the Gab between the XML and the Semantic Web Worlds.
  • XS2OWL : Transform XML Schema into OWL otnologies.