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STI Innsbruck, the Semantic Technology Institute Innsbruck, is an institute of the University of Innsbruck located in Innsbruck, Austria. The focus of the research in STI Innsbruck is on the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services.

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(STI Innsbruck vCards)
Adina Sirbu, Adrian Mocan, Christian Ammendola, Dieter Fensel, Emilia Cimpian, Graham Hench, Holger Lausen, Martin Tanler, Michael Stollberg, Michal Zaremba, Mick Kerrigan, Omair Shafiq, Tobias Bürger, Uwe Keller, Werner Bliem, Ying Ding

Coorganised events

The following is a list of events coorganised by people who are presently members of STI Innsbruck:
RuleML2010, RuleML2006, SWET2006, ICIW2006, WIW2005

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