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Peer to Peer Semantic Wiki
Status: inactive
Last release: 0.9 (2008/05/22)
License: GPL
Language: Java
Author(s): Pascal Molli, Hala Skaf-Molli, Charbel Rahhal, Julien Maire
Affiliation: Nancy University
Web resources

SWOOKI is a peer to peer semantic wiki that enables users to add semantic data to wiki pages. This data can then be used for better searching, browsing, and exchanging of information. The Peer to peer architecure provides fault-tolerance, scalability and infrastructure cost sharing.

SWOOKI integrates an optimistic replication algorithm that is compatible with the P2P constraints and ensures an acceptable level of consistency and generic enough to handle semantic wiki pages.

SWOOKI users can perform transactional changes on semantic wiki pages thank to the replication algorithm that forces commutativity of operations . This editing mode is particularly useful in semantic wikis where consistent change often requires changing many wiki pages in one session.

SWOOKI is developed by the SCORE team (previously was called ECOO) of LORIA, Nancy.

Testing SWOOKI online[edit]

There are three online servers to test SWOOKI:

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