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The 3rd International Semantic Web User Interaction Workshop
Subevent of ISWC2006
Start November 6 2006 8:30 (iCal)
End November 6 2006 17:45
Homepage: Homepage
City: Athens, Georgia
Country: USA
Important dates
Abstracts due: August 4 2006
Papers due: August 11 2006
Notification: September 8 2006
Camera ready due: September 18 2006
Event in series SWUI

While there is much activity in Semantic Web research and deployment, the focus has been mainly on populating repositories. While this offers exciting new ways to capture and process knowledge, the end result often appears in interfaces made familiar by the World Wide Web. SWUI (Semantic Web User Interaction) 2006, on the other hand, explores the new possibilities for the user's experience with knowledge that the Semantic Web enables.

The structure and features of the Semantic Web enable new ways of thinking about exploring information spaces beyond what HTML has made possible. This workshop investigates similarly innovative ways to exploit those opportunities in terms of user interface design. A key challenge of this workshop will be to present work that demonstrates interaction and visualization opportunities that are only now made possible through the Semantic Web. We will address how users can interact with information represented with Semantic Web technologies. Issues include defining paradigms for interaction, their corresponding technical interfaces and the mapping of Semantic Web constructs to them. In the end, we aim to map the "problem space" that binds these issues together and to identify the core unsolved yet promising challenged within it.