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Status: beta
Last release: 0.2.1 (2008/06/17)
License: GPL
Language: Java, XSLT
Author(s): Christoph Lange
Affiliation: Jacobs University Bremen
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SWiM, the Semantic Wiki for Mathematical Knowledge Management, currently in a prototype stage and being implemented by Christoph Lange at Jacobs University Bremen, is a fork of IkeWiki. Its pages are stored in OMDoc or OpenMath, both semantic mathematical markup languages. For reasoning and querying, the Krextor RDF extractor is used to extract RDF from that markup.

Releases: Past and Future[edit]

While the latest proper release is quite old, work has been going on, mainly focusing on bugfixes. Please check out the sources or contact the developer for the latest version.

In future it is planned to port the mathematical extensions to IkeWiki's successor KiWi.

SemWiki@ESWC2006 presentation (old)[edit]

This work has first been presented at SemWiki2006 as a demo and a poster [1]. Here is the paper, written by Christoph Lange and Michael Kohlhase. See also the project's homepage.


  • Editing: WYSIWYG
  • Annotation mechanism: manual,assisted
  • Subject Attribution: current
  • Subject Granularity: document, section, phrase (annotations can be more fine-grained, but only document-level annotation is used for navigation)
  • Representation destinction: false
  • Terminology reuse: true
  • Object type: any
  • Context: true (for OMDoc elements, as they can have metadata)
  • Import of Instances: true
  • Import of Ontologies: true (as in IkeWiki, but only intended for developers, as OMDoc's system ontology is static)
  • Export: true