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Last release: 1.0.1 (May 15, 2008)
License: BSD licenses
Affiliation: FZI

SemVersion was a versioning system for RDF and Ontologies, maintained at FZI and AIFB.


  • Version your Models - Support for commit and merge operations on models
  • Rich metadata support - each Version has an Author, a provenance URI, a label, a URI
  • RDF commitment - All data stored internally as RDF. Thanks to Sesame it reads: RDF/XML, N3 or NT syntax

SemVersion allows scalable RDF versioning in Java. By using a quad store (aka named graphs aka contexts) it addresses individual RDF models. The model management is done by RDF2Go. SemVersion offers rich object-oriented meta-data management and versioning processes (commit, branch, merge, structual diff, semantic diff) on models.


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